Our Projects


Berlin InnoBridge is a structured innovation programme of Freie Universität Berlin and ESCP – funded by the economy of Berlin (Berliner Wirtschaft). Under the guidance of professional coaches, company representatives, top researchers and master students from different universities work together on real innovation projects.



Entrepreneurial Cognition in Family Firm Innovation

Family firms innovate differently than non-family firms. The underlying reasons are still regarded as a “black box”. Our family entrepreneurship project addresses this gap and highlights the role of individuals and teams for innovation in family firms. In response to calls for integrated research in entrepreneurship and innovation studies our project currently examines the role of next generation family members for innovation inside the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the family with a special focus on entrepreneurial cognition.

Entrepreneurship Education

Although Entrepreneurship scholars have discovered Entrepreneurship Education as a popular field of research, little research has been done specifically in the area of action-based Entrepreneurship Education. Our Entrepreneurship Education research project focuses on this research area. In different studies, both of qualitative and quantitative nature, we explore the dynamic relationship of emotion and (adult) learning in order to better understand their link to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Social Entrepreneurship

In the recent years, the movement of social entrepreneurship is seeking for a sustainable change of society by solving social and environmental issues through creative business innovations. Our social entrepreneurship research projects contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship. Therefore we explore a broad spectrum of topics from the mindset and cognition of social entrepreneurs to social business incubation models addressing refugee entrepreneurs.