EXIST-scholarship for wirbauen.digital


wirbauen.digital is the latest EXIST start-up at ESCP Business School. The founding team around Lukas Büdenbender, Daniel Grube, David Lehmann and Harry Schroer has set out to revolutionize the construction sector. Their platform connects architects, tradesmen and housebuilders.

Young entrepreneurs

The story of wirbauen.digital begins with the association DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER – Daniel and Lukas, who are both involved in the special interest group, exchange ideas for a platform in the construction industry. Daniel previously worked in investment banking and management consulting, Lukas is a family entrepreneur in trade. Their aim is to make life easier for tradesmen in particular by better documenting construction projects, simplifying processes and simplifying communication between all project partners.

It becomes clear to Lukas and Daniel that the design and user-friendliness of their platform will be crucial. Again via DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER , they bring David on board, who is not only a doctoral student and lecturer at the Say Institute, but also an expert in digital communication. The team is complemented by Harry, who previously worked in human resources development at a chemical company. They also work together with software developers from Ambient Innovation.

One year of EXIST

Daniel knew the EXIST-Gründerstipendium of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy from his circle of acquaintances, David came into contact with it as a research assistant at the Say Institute. In March 2020, the team applied for the scholarship through ESCP Business School, and in May the funding was granted. The prototype is currently being completed and is to be tested with pilot customers in the Cologne region from August. In the EXIST year, the team wants to show that their product works and thus approach external investors.

They recommend other EXIST applicants to have a very mature business plan that thinks ahead in many areas and has a scientific link. Furthermore, they say that it is very important to take care of administrative tasks such as health insurance and taxes at an early stage.

Das Gründerteam von wirbauen.digital an der ESCP Business School und dem Jean-Baptiste Say Institut

wirbauen.digital is looking for further team members

Currently, the wirbauen.digital guys are looking for a working student (m/f/d) for software development, who will spend 20 hours per week on the creation and administration of the website, participate in the further development of the product content and ensure the quality of the system architecture. There is also a vacant position as an intern (m/f/d) marketing & sales, who will develop marketing strategies and concepts, analyze market potential and maintain the company’s social media channels. Collaboration is possible both at the coworking space in Cologne and remotely.

wirbauen.digital is a provider of a platform solution for the construction industry, with which construction projects are mapped digitally and without interfaces. For this purpose, all services rendered are collected in a digital project folder and, depending on the access rights granted, can be viewed or edited by building owners, tradesmen and architects.