U-SCHOOL – The Entrepreneurial Acceleration Programme


The objective of U-SCHOOL is to create a safe and agile learning environment to help you strengthen your entrepreneurial skill set and to make your innovative ideas become real. Inspired by the four steps to start successful projects, the four modules of U-School are IDEATE, JUMP, GROW and CHALLENGE – each lasting three days.

This entrepreneurial acceleration programme empowers you to drive innovation forward in your organization. It targets participants with diverse educational backgrounds who have already gained a minimum of three years’ professional experience as an intrapreneur or business developer within a large company, as the head of a family business or as a founder.

Throughout the programme, participants can learn from each other and build a sustainable network with professors, experienced practitioners and successful mentors.


During the first three days we will hone your project by challenging, twisting and shaping your initial ideas. We will apply a wide variety of tools like effectuation, design-thinking and storytelling. Furthermore, we visit start-ups and agile companies. We have the opportunity to discuss with them how they were built and how they shape their business in the digital age. At the end of module 1 you should have torn your ideas into pieces and put them back together with many new ideas.

BERLIN: 12.09.19 - 14.09.19


  • Effectuation
  • Design-Thinking
  • Storytelling


It is time to put your ideas to the test. And we mean this quite literally! Why do you do this project, how can you build and transform business models, what leadership preferences do you have and how can you use them best? We will explore how stories will help you to build a powerful identity and brand for yourself and your project.

PARIS: 21.11.19 - 23.11.19


  • Business Modelling
  • Building Leadership on MBTI
  • Digital Branding


To develop your project further we explore the role of strategy. You learn methods and principles entrepreneurs employ in situations of uncertainty. We will also discuss the fundamentals of finance and deepen your skills in business communication and discuss trends in organisations and the future of work.

BERLIN: 27.02.20 - 29.02.20


  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Unit Economics & KPIs
  • Communication, Organization & New Work


What are the important levers to bring your project to the next level? We discuss the impact of digital transformation and we examine a number of leadership issues connected with growth, such as the role of ethics, diversity and responsibility. Furthermore we will learn about the different marketing instruments, especially the potential of digital marketing. Finally, we look on failed projects and how to use key learnings out of it.

BERLIN: 23.04.20 - 25.04.20


  • Digital Transformation & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Ethics
  • Failing Forward


Olga Perfilyeva
Programme Coordinator | Executive Degree &
Entrepreneurship Programmes

Telefon: +49 (0) 30 32 007 235
E-Mail: operfilyeva@escpeurope.eu