Option E – Master in Management (M.Sc.)

Take the chance to discover your inner entrepreneur!

The Option E – Entrepreneurship Technology and digital economy – is an experiential journey and a full time immersion into entrepreneurship. Option E offers a life experience within an international group of young entrepreneurs-to-be.

The Option E is part of the Master in Management programme (MiM), which is placed 6th worldwide in the 2017 Financial Times rankings.

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This programme is the right choice if you want …

  • a project-based programme through a learning by doing pedagogy
  • to foster your entrepreneurial skills in finance, marketing, coding...
  • to develop your networks and find your partners, mentors, investors...
  • a unique experiences in the Berlin and international entrepreneurship ecosystems


  • Create a start-up project in 3 steps
  • Consult for a rising start-up
  • Tour the Berlin & international entrepreneurship scene in 4 months


Step 1: Subversive Thinking: Create your artwork to challenge the status quo
Step 2: Community Building: From subversive questionning to the creation of a real event with social impact
Step 3: Business Modeling: From a one-shot event to a sustainable business model

Julian Wächter

Option E provided me with a structured process and a save environment to dedicate
three month of my study time to entrepreneurship. Together with an interdisciplinary
team of students we focused on coming up with ideas, evaluating them and
testing them on the market. Thanks to Option E, today I can work on creating my
own company and hopefully become a successful entrepreneur.

Julian Wächter
Founder Live bird & Student

Maximilian Traugott

Typical semesters have two spikes, middle and end. You learn, you forget. You more or less know
what you get into beforehand. It’s routine. I wanted to step out of this routine, take away
more than studied facts, experience something new, challenge what I thought I was or wasn’t
capable of, and meet a bunch of likeminded people. I’m still quite amazed that I got this
and so much more from these three months. And with the amazing people
organizing and continually improving the experience, I’m sure you will, too. If you
bring motivation and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone, go for it!

Maximilian Traugott

Louise Brosset

Studying at Option E, it's working on various projects
and innovation trends with people from different backgrounds:
designers, researchers, engineers. You have to be flexible or you will learn
how to. And that's cool, for sure!

Louise Brosset

Louise Brosset


Barbara Schledorn

Master in Management | Admissions

Phone: +49 30 32007 239
Email: bschledorn@escp.eu

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