Executive Master in Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership


The Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership creates an agile and international learning environment to develop conceptualizing and entrepreneurial leadership skills. This is equally important for intrapreneurs, specialists as well as entrepreneurs who want to develop innovative projects in contexts of uncertainty and limited resources. The part-time programme consists of five modules in Berlin, Shanghai, Paris, Silicon Valley and London and welcomes participants from diverse educational backgrounds with at least three years of professional experience.


  • Introduction to digital entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Technological fundamentals of digital innovation
  • Entry forms to innovation and entrepreneurship
BERLIN: 05.10.20 - 17.10.20


  • Meet your mentor
  • Project incubation in ESCP’s Blue Factory
  • Pitch-training and event
  • Introduction to 3D-printing & prototyping


  • International entrepreneurship strategies & doing business in China
  • Business model validation & beta testing in China
SHANGHAI: 23.05.21 - 28.05.21


  • Meet Shanghai-based start-ups and successful entrepreneurs
  • Introduction to Chinese business culture
Click here to watch our video on the Shanghai module


  • Business of society: Prototyping for entrepreneurs
  • Business modelling: Novel opportunities and challenges through digital transformation
  • Soft skills for entrepreneurs: Stakeholder management and event creation
PARIS & LONDON: 16.11.20 - 27.11.20


  • Introduction to coding and design
  • Incubation in the Paris Blue Factory infrastructure
  • Active immersion in and contribution to the ESCP Entrepreneurship Festival
  • Become part of ESCP’s entrepreneurs network in Paris


  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial Finance & Execution
SILICON VALLEY: 07.02.21 - 12.02.21


  • Silicon Valley @ work: catch a glance of the world’s most powerful venture community
  • Visit of innovation leading companies
Click here to watch our video on the San Francisco module


  • Scale up of entrepreneurial ventures
  • Driving & managing growth and value creation
  • Trends and challenges in digital innovation and entrepreneurial leadership
BERLIN: 21.06.21- 02.07.21


  • Project incubation in the ESCP Blue Factory
  • Final project pitch

Victor Thoma

The programme helps innovation managers like me to work more as an
entrepreneur in their company and to become faster in their projects. Getting to
know the latest tools and methods, the EMDIEL prepares oneself systematically
for being an entrepreneur. The modules abroad enable me to explore
innovation beyond my regional borders.

Victor Thoma
Project Manager Innovation Lab, ERGO Digital Ventures GmbH

Manuel Diekmann

The EMDIEL plays a significant role in my personal and professional development.
It not only provides me valuable tools, but especially changes my way of thinking.
Sometimes it is simply not about planning everything, but about being flexible
and open for other, new perspectives. The EMDIEL helps me to become the
opposite of a rigid manager.

Manuel Diekmann
Director Operations, Arvato Financial Solutions

Oliver Neumann

The EMDIEL connects business leaders and specialists around the globe in a
single executive programme. It offers an enriching first-hand insight into the
daily challenges of founders in various settings. The programme provides a
forum for exchange and puts my hands-on experience as a founder in a
context with the academic framework. All in all, the EMDIEL makes me more
resourceful and creates a strong relationship across continents.

Oliver Neumann
Co-Founder, OptioPay GmbH / Cargo One GmbH

Florian Mock

The EMDIEL is truly hands-on. We are really getting things done
I think the output we deliver every day is amazing. Even after six years
consulting experience, focusing on digitalization, I am amazed by the amount
of insights and learnings that I am taking with me each day in this Master.

Florian Mock
Manager, Bearing Point

Laura Weritz

Innovation and change management are key issues for many of our clients
− from young start-ups to traditional corporates. To foster innovation and at
the same time maintain a consistent and strong brand identity is one of the big
challenges. Acquiring a profound knowledge in this field within the
scope of the master programme is really helpful for my everyday work
as a brand consultant.

Laura Weritz
Brand Consultant, Sasserath Munzinger Plus

Hilary Klassen

After working several years internationally with large companies and start-ups,
a classical MBA seemed outdated. This is an innovative,future-orientated
programme where co-creation and international experiences are paramount,
coupled with some of the best professors in entrepreneurship who push
us to think differently and creatively to constantly produce and learn.
It is the trailblazer for how Master’s programmes should be both grounded
in academics and reality, customized to the participant’s interests.

Hilary Klassen
Founder & CEO, Quahog


Olga Perfilyeva
Programme Coordinator | Executive Degree &
Entrepreneurship Programmes

Phone: +49 (0) 30 32 007 235
Email: operfilyeva@escp.eu


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